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10/26/2K4 Dalton

Sonic Enterprises' Fate.

Attention rest of the Sonic Enterprises' faithful. After probably the biggest update in Sonic Enterprises' history, Sonic Enterprises has gone through some troubling times. This stuff is supposed to be, more or less, confidential, but since everything has collapsed after planning, it's probably time to reveal why SE has gone absolutely nowhere since July.

That same day I made the update, I IMed Ozy Majere, webmaster of Sonic United. I was really just going to ask for an affiliation, but instead, he thought my site would be perfect for his merging idea that Sonic United desperately needed to get back on track. I was made into a co-webmaster on SU soon after and everyone on the staff at that time was notified of the plans.

That's where things went hay-wire.

The well-layed plans of Sonic United's merging idea has been more-or-less tarnished. Sonic United has been collapsing from the inside since then, staff leaving, boards crashing, and rumors are saying that Sonic United might be closed indefinetly.

So, you must be thinking that that means a revival of Sonic Enterprises, right? Well, sadly, that is not the case.

With Ozy going a little AWOL on the whole thing, I might take the responsibility of becoming the full webmaster of Sonic United in order to keep it alive.

If that happens, Sonic Enterprises will be closed, and a lot of the content exclusive to SE will be moved to Sonic United.

If Sonic United goes under, however, this site will be moved to a new server, and start anew, like Tailman Team has done in the last week, and I'll try to make SE my main priority.

Again, this information has never been released to the public except here, for the few people who still visit this site on a regular basis or have been wondering where I have been. I'm sorry for any and all e-mails that have not been replied to since that day.

Until the fate has been decided on either SU or SE, go and check out Tailman Team's new site to leave comments in the shoutbox about these affairs, or of course contact me via e-mail, AIM, or MSN.

Oh, and if you come by Ozy, I'm sorry, but something needed to be told.


7/20/2K4 Dalton

Welcome to the BIGGEST update Sonic Enterprises has EVER seen in it's 5 year + lifespan! I have added a half dozen pages, with the Wallpaper/Desktop Page, AIM Buddy Icons/Winamp Skins Page, the Sprites/GIFs Page, a rare Sonic Fonts Page, and the Character Profiles Page!

Wait! There's More! Not only did I add those pages, I also TOTALLY re-did the Sonic Music Corner 3 with an updated design and about 2-3 dozen MP3's, all working!

Oh, I also finally got rid of the Sonic Adventure 2 page, which I'll also redo later. Now, look at the brand new menu and browse all you like! There has also been 5 new affiliate buttons on the bottom of the page, use them as you wish.

Note: Sometimes the music corner 3 and the ROMS depot will have some down time, just wait a while, and it'll be back up again. And, at the moment, not all the music is up yet, just bear with me on that...


7/13/2K4 Dalton

My return to Sonic Enterprises glory has brought back one of the shining points to my site! The ROM page in the form of the Sonic Enterprises' ROM Depot! I already have most, if not all, of the Genesis and Game Gear ROMS, including 32X and Neo Geo Pocket Color. I will try to upload Sonic Advance 1, 2, and 3 tomorrow if the site I'm using will allow me to do that. Sonic CD, yes, Sonic CD, will also be uploaded tomorrow if I can get the time. Emulators and such will also come! Music will be added gradually this week, and the updates will be posted on the almighty Sonic Music Corner 3. If I only had more than a 56k modem, I'd have all this stuff up today, but, oh well. I also had to make all of the Tailman Team pages the right design, so all of today has been spent on making web sites. Weee. Stay tuned for much more being added. Maybe even Fan Art or something...


7/12/2K4 Dalton

Damn, long time no touch. I've been neglecting this site over other hobbies I've picked up then left in the middle, like my RPG I was making... I swear I'll finish that someday, and other such things. Like school. Well, since I visited it and made some touches to TRY to make it better, like getting rid of that wretched music... what the h*ll was I thinking when I put that up? The Background was changed, and the news section is moving again, with the counter actually working. If ANYBODY comes by with any kind of experience with making a site, drop me a line with e-mail or something. I'm sorry to anyone who asked for something and never got a reply, I've just been neglecting the site. Tomorrow, or sometime this week I'll be adding a lot more stuff, and I promise to have a ROM page up again. I love my ROMS. :P And that promise is an incentive for me to keep coming really. See ya until then...


If you have anything to contribute to this site, send it to

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Sonic Enterprises (C)1999-2004 Sonic is a TM of Sega and Sonic Team all rights reserved

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